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Courtesy of   Bobabout Bait Co.

This could be considered the World Record Northern Pike caught from an abandoned stone quarry
in Germany in 1983. It was caught by Arno Wilhelm and measured 57" and weighed 67 lbs. 4 oz

Images supplied by AnglingMasters.com

In 2006 this Brook Trout was caught and released by Tim Matheson in Manitoba, Canada.
 It most likely was a new World Record of approximately 16 lbs.
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The current World Record Brook Trout is on this stringer. It was caught by Dr. JW Cook in 1915
and weighed  14.5 lbs. with a length of 31.5". The World Record  and another 14 lber were caught
 the same day in the Nipigon River in Ontario. Unfortunately the fish was not weighed for
a few days
after it was caught because  the group was on a guided wilderness expedition.


2 classic  1957 outboards -  Evinrude and Johnson

This is the famed "Musky Bug" by Len Hartman. He used this lure on the  St. Lawrence River
 to catch  many giant Muskies in the 1960's.
The lure pictured is the bumblebee pattern.

2 Weird Walleyes including possibly the  fatest walleye of all time  taken from Boysen Reservoir, Wyoming
and a Echo Lake, Saskatchewan Walleye with a crooked spine that still could feed.

This is the fine art of fish carving. This Trout was carved out of wood by the great Ed Walicki.

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