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Courtesy of
  Bobabout Bait Co.

Watch the video below of this released  possible 70 lb. world record Lake Trout.

 This video shows the possible world record Lake Trout being caught in 2006.
 The fish was 50" long x 33.5" girth  and was approx. 70 lbs. It was caught by
 John Geiger on a
silver/blue Flatfish in 50 feet of water.The fish was released.

This was the then world record Lake Trout in 1970 at 65 lbs from
 Great Bear Lake.
.The lady holding it was lodge owner Jeanne Branson.

This would of been the world record Crappie caught in 2005 by Penny Hopper except DNA tests
showed it was a hybrid of a
Black and White Crappie. The 21.5" long x 18" girth fish was
disqualified as the world record but was recognized as the Kentucky state record at 4 lbs. 14 oz.

       On  Nov. 28, 2008 a probable world record Musky was caught and released by Dale MacNair
from the St. Lawrence River. This fish was 57" long x 33" girth.Weight formulas estimated it
at 69-77 lbs. He has an incredible story. He caught it at night in 3-4 foot waves with 25 mph
 winds and air temps below freezing. They almost hit a shoal as he was reeling it in.
 Experts estimate a fish that size was 25-30 years old. We must give huge credit to Dale MacNair
for releasing it, he made sure the fish swam away. He got a reproduction mount that looks awesome!

What makes this lure so special ? Well.... it's a Haskell Minnow made in 1859
and someone paid $101,200 for it. This is the most ever for a  lure.
To read more about it, click here.

This is the long standing World Record Musky caught by
Art Lawton in the St. Lawrence River in NY. It weighed 69 lbs. 15 oz.
There is alot of controversy because fish of almost similar sizes were caught
in Wisconsin where they would also like to be known as the" home of the world
record Muskellunge".

This is the world record Brown Trout at  40 lbs. 4 oz. caught by Howard "Rip" Collins
in 1992 in the Little Red River in Arkansas. He was using a 1/32 oz jig and 4 lb. test line.
To read the whole story Click Here.

Although this is not the official world record Chain Pickerel, I believe this is
the largest Pickerel ever photographed at just 2 oz. shy of 9 lbs. and 30". This is however the
 current PA record caught by Dave Wilson in 2002. The standing world record is  9 lbs. 6 oz.


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